Promotional Resources - Week of December 23 (FOURTIETH WEEK OF DEVELOPMENT)

Reach out to thousands with this project by using these promotional resources.


Materials for pastoral outreach and education, so that people may learn about the development of the unborn child.


National pro-life groups continue this week celebrate Christmas, and the birth of “Baby Chris,” whose development they have been tracing for us for the last nine months, since March 25th (see

Developmental facts and striking images and video have been provided each week, along with a prayer and social media tools.

We invite all those who have made this journey to continue to study and spread the knowledge of the development that each of us underwent in the womb, and to advocate for the humanity and protection of these, our youngest brothers and sisters!

Developmental Facts
The baby is now ready for birth, and to start breathing air.


Prayer is the foundation of all we do in the pro-life movement.


Lord and Giver of Life, We are filled with gratitude That through no merit of our own, You have called us out of nothingness And into life.

You form each of us in the womb, And lead us to birth, Which is not the beginning of life, But rather the start of a new chapter of life.

You sent your son Jesus To experience life in the womb, and to be born of a virgin. You have made the birth of every child A sign of the joy of His birth And a reminder that to enter your Kingdom We must be born again.

Lord, we ask you to bring every child safely to birth, And to bring us all to a new birth by faith and baptism.

Keep us faithful to preserving our earthly life, And that of all our brothers and sisters, And keep us faithful to nurturing the new life we have received in you, Until it blossoms in all its fullness in heavenly glory.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Social Media

Reach out to thousands with this project by using these social media resources.

Baby Chris is now ready for birth, and to start breathing air. Thank you for following development of this precious life, see more at #facts #life #prolife

9 Months


4 weeks to 9 months - animation of Growth of unborn

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