Promotional Resources - Week of April 29 (Sixth week of development)

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Developmental Facts

Though a pregnant woman does not feel movement for at least another 8 to 10 weeks, the embryo begins to move between 5 and 6 weeks. The embryo’s first movements are both spontaneous and reflexive. A light touch to the mouth area causes the embryo to reflexively withdraw its head, while the embryo’s trunk will twist spontaneously. Movements are essential for the normal development of bones and joints.

Cartilage formation begins by 5½ weeks.

By 5½ weeks, retinal pigment is subtly visible externally.


Prayer is the foundation of all we do in the pro-life movement.

Life and Movement

Lord, your Word tells us that in You we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).

As we follow the development of the child in the womb, we see this week the beginning of movement, even though Mom does not feel it.

Lord, we pray for every child in the womb. May all their movements throughout life, and ours as well, always move us closer to You, and to Your Kingdom of truth and life, of holiness and grace, of justice, love and peace.

Guide and protect our every move, and make all of us safe, whether born or unborn.

We pray though Christ our Lord. Amen.

Social Media

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In a developing #human person the diaphragm (di’a-fram), the primary muscle used in breathing, is largely formed by 6 weeks. This growing person is so much more than a clump of cells. See more at
By 6 weeks of development in a pre-born #human person a portion of the brain called the cerebral cortex appears. Nerve cells, or neurons, in the spinal cord now begin to develop specialized connections. So much more than a clump if cells. Learn more
The development of a pre-born #human person is so fascinating. Did you know that by 6 weeks the external ear begins to take shape, and the opening of the ear canal becomes visible. Salivary glands also appear inside the mouth. Learn more
A 6 week embryo is not a "product of conception". Blood formation is actively underway in the liver & contributes to the liver’s bright red color. The rapidly growing liver also begins producing lymphocytes, a key part of the immune system - see more


Materials for pastoral outreach and education, so that people may learn about the development of the unborn child.


We continue to track the development of Baby Chris in the womb, at

On April 29, Baby Chris turns five weeks old. The baby’s first movements will occur during this week. The baby’s cartilage begins to form during this week as well.

Images and video of the baby at this stage can be seen in our resources, through the process of embryoscopy.

Follow with us the marvelous development of this baby and pray for the protection of all babies in the womb!