A Journey Through Pregnancy

March 25th (Day of the Unborn Child) – Christmas Day

Welcome to the "Baby Chris" project!
A coalition of national pro-life groups, listed below, are urging people to journey through the nine months of pregnancy, with prayer, outreach, and education, so that people may learn about the development of the unborn child. This journey of “Baby Chris” begins on March 25th and concludes on Christmas Day.

We use the app called “See Baby Pregnancy Guide”. Check it out on the app store. You will see video footage of the unborn child far more powerful than anything ultrasound can accomplish. With each week of pregnancy, basic fetal development facts are shared. You can see a sampling of what is on this app in the video window on this page.

During this nine month journey, we provide you with resources for education, social media, and prayer. We want the whole country to see the baby in the womb, our youngest neighbor. By seeing these children and knowing more about their development, people can see more clearly that these are our brothers and sisters, and need to be protected and cherished.

Please share this project with your pro-life groups, your pastor, and friends and family. We are also encouraging schools to take this on as a project for the school to do together.

Please use the form on this page to let us know of your interest in participating in this special project!

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Materials for pastoral outreach and education, so that people may learn about the development of the unborn child.


Prayer is the foundation of all we do in the pro-life movement.

Social Media

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